LCCI President’s Interview with Oxford Business Group on The Report: Nigeria 2019

Babatunde Paul Ruwase, President, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, gave an interview to Oxford Business Group (OBG), the renowned consultancy and publisher of economic reports as part of the research undertaken for The Report: Nigeria 2019, the most recent report from the group on the economy of Nigeria.

Amongst other topics, Paul Ruwase shared his views on diversification and opportunities across the Nigerian economy. An extract from the interview is below:

“Nigeria has made very appreciable progress in several sectors. The most significant of these has been in agriculture, where big strides have been made in rice production. Foreign exchange (forex) is relatively stable now, and this has had a noticeable impact on the ability to diversify. The Economic Growth and Recovery Plan is also well on course. However, in addition to issues of forex and security, the lack of electrical power needs to be addressed head-on.”

Read the full interview with Paul Ruwase here, now available on the Oxford Business Group website.

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