Committees & LCCI Boards


The membership of the Executive Committee an arm of the Council consists of a maximum of 16 members as follows:
  1. 11 serving Officers
  2. 4 co-opted Members from Council and The Director-General
  • The Executive Committee meets bi-monthly the last Wednesday of the month.
  • The Council may among others delegate to the Executive Committee either fully or in part, such of its powers and functions as it may deem fit from time to time including but not limited to:
  • All matters relating to the paid staff of the Chamber
  • The management of Commerce House and its other Properties
  • All matters relating to the Lagos International Trade Fair
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Council remains solely responsible to the members or the Chamber for the management of the affairs of the Chamber.
  • Advice the Executives Committee at the policy level on all matters relating to Chamber’s Finance, Keeping abreast with the Treasury and funds of the Chamber wherever domiciled.
  • Approve the Executive Committee in Personal Matters of the Secretariat
  • Monitor the implementation of the various reform and developments approved by the council.
  • Examine, comment and recommend actions in respect of all financial reports and presentations by the Director of Finance and Administration as well as by External Bodies on the Chamber’s finance.
  • Work with the internal Auditor for DUE PROCESS and rectify all matters requiring attention as may be referred to as the Committee.
  • Consider and recommend new members for admission into the membership of the Chamber.
  • Ensure, thorough proper screening , that only organizations of integrity are recommended for admission as members.
  • Advise council on strategies for ensuring the retention of current members.
  • Encourage payment of ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS by members and recommend the necessary sanctions within the chambers guidelines for default subscriptions.
  • Monitor policy implementation on service to members.
  • Advice council on economic policy issues which impact on the business interest of members and the general investment environment.
  • Make recommendations to the council on policy advocacy and strategies on economic and business policy matters.
  • Develop awareness programmes for members on latest development in science and technology.
  • Advice council on strategies for the promotions of research and development in Nigeria economy
  • Advise the council on matters of appropriate technology.
  • Interface with relevant public sector agencies to promote indigenous technology adaptation and capacity building skills through in-house training by member-manufacturers and other member companies who have such facilities, for the benefit of the business community.
  • Ensure compliance by members with the Chamber’s code of Ethics
  • Investigate and advise the Exco on sanctions for erring members of the Chamber.
  • Give support to members who suffer infringement or unfair treatments from individuals, agencies or institutions.
  • Ensure the protection of legitimate business interests of members
The Committee is to promote the interest of members of the Chamber in Hotel, Tourism and Entertainment sector of the economy. Also, to create awareness to foreigners that Nigeria is safe for tourism and business and to educate on the potentials in the tourism business.
The Committee is to Advise the Council on all Legal and Taxation matters and Legal Interpretations of existing legislation as the need arises while Providing guidance to the Council on shaping and influencing policies and legislations relating to Commerce, Industry, and Taxation. Also, the Committee has the responsibility of Enlightening the generality of members on Business and Investment Laws.
  • To discharge its duties most effectively, the Chamber’s Lobby Group (PAC) meet with Governments at all levels and advice council on strategies for influencing Government decisions using the lobby approach.
  • Promote good relationship between the Chamber and the public sector, especially at the leadership level.
  • Promote the spirit and cause of Public Private Partnership for the benefit of the business community and the economy as a whole.
  • Promote partnership with the legislative arm of Government at all levels.


  • Provide general policy guidelines for Trade Fair and Exhibitions organized by the chamber
  • Manage and implement approved policies and measures to ensure that the fairs and exhibitions are of the highest standards, and not run at a loss to the Chamber
  • Advise Executive Committee on polices and measures to ensure that the fairs and Exhibitors are of the highest standards, and not run at loss to the Chamber.
  • Advice the Executive on the strategies for the realization of the chamber’s vision
  • Consider and make recommendations to the Executive Committee on contract awards in line with the chamber’s guidelines.
  • Ensure that the chamber gets value for money in its expenditure commitments